Wednesday, October 04, 2006

wed. oct. 4

very busy. school with tal, life, watching ben scoot across the floor, the kids have colds again, ariel's sister, shir, is coming to stay with us for 2 weeks, we just put up our sukkah...

noach went to see dr. gayle, the plastic surgeon, today. he said things look good. on oct. 26th he will have his skin graft surgery. then he will be in the hospital for 7 days, unable to move around at all. then, possibly, a month after that, he may be able to begin with a prosthetic. his arm is doing much better. he doesn't have all the feeling back in his fingers but he is able to pick up and grip things, which makes a huge difference. noach is trying to appreciate his life but it is not always easy. it is frustrating to him that he always has to rely on others and can't just get up and walk across the room when he wants something. i know that will get easier with time.

anyway, tomorrow he sees dr. helfet, the doctor who did surgery on his wrist. he continues to go to burke rehab three times a week for the arm and it is helping.

so, our lives are typical, yet not at all typical. i can't really explain what i mean. we are trying to be as "normal" as possible, even though things are far from normal. no words of wisdom today - it is not my regular late night writing session, but i did want to update you on the dr. visit and tell you that we are continuing to hang in there as best we can.


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Blogger Noach said...

Hi, it's Noach. Baruch Hashem I'm doing a lot better. There are some minor complications with the wound but with G-d's help we'll overcome them. Thank you all so much for your prayers and kind words. They honestly mean so much to us and are helpful. This blog was created to keep everyone updated on my and the families status. It has been a useful tool for Jonina to communicate and get positive feedback. It has served that purpose and for the most part been a positive thing. We all know that everyboy in life has their burdon to carry and hardships to work through. Some appear lighter then others but the truth is we'll never know. My accident has obviously put us through some trying times. There is progress and there are setbacks. In all areas. It's natural for the blog to want to concentrate on the progress. It's usually better for eveyone's recovery. Happiness breeds healing!! Jo and the kids have given me much happiness over the last few months. Thier help has greatly aided my recovery. This Sukkot was my happiest ever!! Jo, and all of my children, and guests surrounded me in our Sukkot. The emotional high I experienced was overwelming. Jo was incredible in helping all of this occur!! I couldn't help but to keep thinking to myself how truly fortunate I am. There is so much good and positive to concentrate on here. The negativity that appears on the blogs comments breeds unhappiness. Itn my opinion, the negativity should stop.

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