Thursday, October 19, 2006

oct. 19

haven't written in a while. just busy with the kids, everyday life, etc. noach is doing ok. he still goes to OT for his wrist 3 times a week and is able to grasp things now and put pressure on the crutches, etc. he still does not have feeling in a few of the fingers but, G-d willing, that will come back. his wound is shrinking slowly but surely. next thurs. noach will have the skin graft surgery. he will then be on bed rest for 5-7 days inthe hospital and then for a few at home as well. hopefully, after that, he will start his physical therapy and they will start getting him ready for a prosthetic.

ariel's sister, shir, has been with us for 2 weeks and ariel has been busy showing her around NY. tonight she leaves and ariel is going to peurto rico for the weekend with my father-in-law, brother-in-law and his cousin.

tal and binyamin are great. binyamin is 9 months old now and still the happiest baby around. even yesterrday with a double ear infection and a fever, he was smiling away. tal is enjoying being home. we haven't sent her to school in a while so she has been having lots of playdates with her cousin, maya, her friend, angelina, and her new friend, dahlia, who lives a few houses away. i may look into a class for her or someone to help around the house for a bit.

noach and i met with a wonderful child psychologist, katie eisenstadt, this morning. she had great advice and we will see her again next week. she thinks that we should definitely NOT push tal to go to school right now. tal is very worried about me and that, G-d forbid, something could happen to me. her world changed when something terrible happened to her abba and we need to deal with it and give her security and confidence right now. we may be able to try again in several months but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. right now she loves to be home, all the time, but i will encourage her to visit friends, go to the playground, etc.

not much new to report. hope you are all doing well and enjoying the changing seasons. i love watching tal observing the leaves turning colors. reminds me of last year when the gardeners took the leaves away and tal told me we should buy more.


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