Friday, September 01, 2006

welcome home, abba!!!

yesterday i went to the hospital to pick noach up. i packed up his room, said good-bye to the doctors, nurses, the social worker, physical therapist… we got into his car and headed home. it was a great feeling. together, in his car, with the radio on, a beautiful day, coming home after just about three weeks in the hospital. it wasn’t the most comfortable ride for noach but he was really happy and really thankful he was coming home to his family. when we got there, a ton of equipment had been delivered - a vac pack bandage for his wound, tons of medications, a wheelchair, shower seat, walker… noach was able to get inside and up to bed on his own. tal came up and she was so happy he was home. all she wants to do is go upstairs and visit him. they talk, he reads her stories… he is so happy. he is so thankful he is home with his family. a little while later, a nurse came to give him the IV antibiotics. she spent hours showing me how to do it and set up the IV bag for me for the morning. he gets the antibiotics every 12 hours. this morning, i gave them to him - flushed the IV line, gave him the meds, reflushed the line… i can’t believe i did it. the nurse will be back tonight but after that, i am on my own until thursday. wow. a different nurse came today to change the bandages. she will come mon, wed. and fri. it was amazing to wake up in the bed in the middle of the night and to look over to see him there next to me, sleeping. yes, this is all a lot of work for me. the two kids, noach… but we are so lucky. we made it through this together, mostly due to his strength and his love for our family. of course both of our familes and our friends have been here to help - watching the kids, meals, calls, emails… on the way home yesterday, noach turned to me and said, “do you see, together we can do anything!” he is right. in a few minutes i am going to light Shabbat candles and he will make kiddush for his family. it has been a few weeks since he has been home to do that. i know it will be emotional for all of us. i wish ariel (and dana, of course) was here but G-d willing, he will be here next week to join us. have a wonderful holiday weekend. shabbat shalom.


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