Thursday, September 28, 2006

thurs. the 28th? 27th? 29th? at least i know it's thurs!

sorry i haven't written for a while. that last entry, by noach, was hard to top and we've been busy with our daily lives. noach is doing better, thank G-d. they took him off the IV antibiotics last week so he is no longer nauseous all the time or dry heaving. they really wreaked havoc on his body. they were also able to take out the PIC line, the line that brings the IV meds from his arm up to his chest. in addition, noach no longer needs the splint on his left arm. he has been to burke rehab for occupational therapy twice already for his arm. he will go there 3 times a week. so i guess we are moving along. in a week he will see the plastic surgeon about the stump as well as the orthopedist about his wrist so we will find out more information, such as for when the skin graft surgery will be scheduled.

the other night we rented a DVD called safe men. a comedy. we watched it with ariel and it was a really fun activity. then yesterday was the most active and fun day we've had as a family. i took tal to school while noach had his bandaged changed. he had a few visitors. in the afternoon, tal's playgroup came over - my three friends and their kids. the kids played in the house and then outside as noach sat on the deck. tal was so happy. she needed it. i needed it. we all needed it. then ariel made a BBQ, with noach supervising. all the kids had hot dogs and we ate hamburgers, ribs, etc. it was so nice. like old times. a few hours later 3 good friends of noach's came over and they had a jam session. ariel played the bass, noach the harmonica and piano, mike the guitar, kenny the guitar and some stray instruments, arthur played whatever tal handed him, tal played many different instruments and sang into a microphone (it wasn't plugged in but she didn't care) and ben just rocked to the music. it was great to hear and to see. it was a bid day for noach and i think it caught up with him today because he slept really late but i think it was one of the best times since the accident.

each morning ben and i bring tal to CHABAD preschool. she is having a hard time separating. so each day, i sit outside her classroom while she joins the class for some activities and stays with me for others. she seems to always warm up after playground time. i am one of the very few moms that stay but tal seems to need me there. she is unusually attached to me lately. i guess a lot is going on in her life. things she doesn't understand, things she may be afraid of, new experiences and a new family dynamic. when i ask her if she likes school, she first replies yes and then says, "not so much." it is a warm, wonderful place and i hope she begins to feel more comfortable there. she comes home singing all the songs they teach, which is amazing, because many times she is with me in the hallway when they are teaching them but i guess she is interested enough to pick them up.

and ben is his typical smiley self. he is working on his 2nd tooth coming in, sits by himself and has started to do the combat crawl. he is really fast. i can put 10 of his toys in front of him but he will always scoot across the floor for one of tal's toys or for a remote.

and ariel is an amazing help. emotionally and otherwise. little by little, he is making the room downstairs his own. he brings a "coolness" and sense of style to everything he touches. i have ot say that last night during the jam session, i realized that ariel looks like a real rocker. he has a unique sense of style as well as the way he carries himself. i am proud to be his step-mom and impressed that he puts up with all of us and does what we ask of him without question. tal and ben have really bonded with him. soon ariel's sister will be visiting for 2 weeks and that will be great, i am sure.

so i am off to relax for a short time before i go to bed. tomorrow is another day. i will try to update you soon but not daily - it is too much for me and things don't change that much from day to day.

these are the ten days of repentance - when we ask for forgiveness and examine our past behavior. we pray to be inscribed into the book of life for the coming year. noach must have done a great job praying last year during the holidays because G-d saved him on aug. 11. may you and your loved ones be inscribed into the book of life and may you have a sweet, peaceful New Year.


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