Thursday, September 14, 2006

thurs. the 13th? 14th? not sure.

yesterday we were in the city most of the day. we met wih noach's plastic surgeon as well as a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases. the surgeon said the wound looks good. we will return to him in 3 weeks and at that time, hopefully be able to schedule the skin graft operation. he gave us the number of a pain specialist we are supposed to see. the infecious disease dr. was more complicated - he had very little paperwork on us and did not want to commit to noach's case until noach has a primary care physician (which he will have tomorrow). the dr. talked a lot about the infection, the IV medication and the side effects, explained that noach would be on this medication for another 4-5 weeks (noach was hoping he was finished), told us to see a GI dr. to treat the side effects of the meds, took blood... we were in his office about two and a half hours. he willw ork with noach's other doctors. while we were busy in the city going to see the doctors, ben was home with noach's sister, niece and then monther. tal was at school and had a hard time. she knew i couldn't pick her up and knew we wouldn't be there when she got home. she cried and was sad. last night they asked me to stay at school today which i did. she was stillhaving a hard time. crying a bit and telling me she wants to go home. we will see how tomorrow goes. i will continue to stay there with her. i know she has so much going on in her world and she is really used to spending her time with me. so that's us. noach is still in a lot of pain. i broke down at the docto's office - he has already been in a horrible accident, he is in pain all the time and we were told that the road ahead is long, there is still risk of infection, he has to do the IV antibiotics for several more weeks... it is all just so much and we can't seem to get a break. i feel like noach has suffered so much and there is no end in sight right now. i know we are lucky and i know tomorrow is a new day but the days are tough on all of us, especially noach. anyway, off to get hooked on the new season of survivor.


Blogger angelperushka said...

oh yooooohooooo JO.....
someone i know (you) is getting a very good birthday present........
you will LOVE it!!!!!!
and you NEED it

6:19 AM  

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