Tuesday, September 12, 2006

received several emails about the comments posted to my blog on tues. 9/5 (feel free to read them. i posted responses to the comments there as well). many people offered support but the best words seem to come form my aunt mimi, her son al and daughter alice, the cousin to whom i have always felt closest. i asked alice permission to post her email on my blog and she said it was ok:

Hi Jo and Noach:

First of all, Noach, I hope you had an easy time today on your birthday. I guess, even through all the pain, the blessing is that you were able to spend the day with your beautiful, wonderful, awesome wife and your amazing, gorgeous and unbelievable children!

Jo, I just read your blog and I am absolutely astounded that anyone would have the nerve to tell you not to write it! Of all the things you are doing, writing the blog is probably the best coping mechanism I could ever imagine. It gives you a way to keep all of us interested relatives (and friends) posted on Noach's progress. But, the blog actually tells us so much more. Those of us who know you and care about you, can read between the words and get a true idea of how you are coping. I am so proud of you in so many ways. And today, I am proud that you told those out there who do not support you wholeheartedly to find another way to spend their time! I have a few more colorful words for them, but I choose to keep my big mouth shut this time.

Know this, my family (and not just the five of us, but our entire extended family) reads your blog religiously. Every day we hope to hear of improvement. Or we hope to read about a really nice thing that happened in your lives. Or we cry when we read you are exhausted or Noach had a tough day. But, through all it, we ride your ups and downs beside you, with 100% support every step of the way to Noach's recovery.

And, above all, we take your inspiration to heart. We are all thankful for our easy lives and for our healthy families. So, when you wake up or when you go to sleep or when you are stressing through your day, know that we are here reading your blog and praying for your family.

I love you,



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