Monday, September 11, 2006

Mon. Sept. 11

i can imagine that my blog entries will become less frequent as we get into the regular routine of our lives. ariel, my step-son, arrived today from israel and has already been a huge help around here. tal had an open house at the chabad pre-school today. she was the last one in the room - she didn't want to leave. as of tomorrow, she will begoing five days a week and i know it will be really good for her. noach has been having sushi cravings which are fulfilled with the huge amount of sushi his mom brought over yesterday and tonight by the gift certificate from my best college friends. today, 9/11, noach turned 46. he doesn't celebrate on this date anymore but instead, celebrates his hebrew birthday, which coincidentally, started tonight and ends tomorrow night. tal and i baked him a cake and gave him lots of fun pajama bottoms and lots of dvd's, mostly israeli. noach felt lousy this morning. he had fever and was very nauseous. the fever still comes and goes, almost daily. but by tonight he felt better. so now we will go about our daily lives, just as you do. i will take tal to school, give noach his IV morning meds, put ben down for a nap, pick tal up, make lunch, play with the kids and maybe see a friend, or have a visitor over, make dinner, give noach his evening meds... it will be our routine, just as you have yours. wed. we have 2 doctor appointments - one with the doctor from infectious disease and the other with the plastic surgeon who operated on noach's stump. maybe i will know more then. for now, enjoy your routines. instead of being annoyed or bored by them, thank G-d you are able to have them. i'll be in touch. you can always email me to say hi or call (although it is rare that we have time to chat on the phone) and i will try to write in my blog when i can. i don't want it to just be a diary of my daily life but i will write when i get the urge. who knows - it may be everyday or not. and for the people out there who seem to be annoyed by my blog, by my sharing my inner thoughts with the world, please stop reading. this blog wasn't meant for you, it was meant for my friends and family who know it is really hard for me to be in contact with all the people we care about. i have read some comments on my blog that i shouldn't be writing it, plus a few from an old playgroup friend and my cousin, that support me. if you don't support me or can't understand why i write, please find another constructive use for your time. for our friends who care to read on and to hear about our lives, we love you for it. and i say "we" because i read noach my blog daily and he loves it. as the Jewish New Year approaches, i know we will all be judged. i would like to leave my judgment to G-d, not to a friend of a friend of a neighbor of a friend. as i told my students in hebrew school on sunday, in the next few weeks, begin to think about your past year. what would you like to do differently? what will you try to do harder? how can you be nicer to those you care about? how can you go out of your way to be kind to strangers? how can you be a better friend/mother/daughter/sister...? why do some feel that they should be judging others when it is doubtful that they are so perfect in their own lives? how can you enjoy your daily life and the people in it so that if, G-d forbid, it drastically changed, would you know you lived each day to its fullest??? how can you tell the people you love that you really love them?


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