Monday, September 04, 2006

labor day...

the boys in the house are napping and tal and i are watching tv. it has been a very busy few days. it was so great to have noach home for shabbat. very emotional. he was in a lot of pain, very nauseous from the IV antibiotics i administer twice a day, the pain medication and so thoroughly tired, but he made kiddush for the family, came downstairs a few times and enjoyed the kids. binyamin has a huge smile each time he hears noach's voice or sees him. and tal loves to be by noach's side - whether it is to watch tv with him, listen to a story, to sing together or to talk. today we had a minyan (a prayer service of at least ten men) at the house, in which they read from the torah and noach benched gomel (a prayer one says after surviving a dangerous experience). it was a beautiful service and noach made a touching, wonderful speech. he is so thankful to be alive. he was able to hang on for his life because of two reasons - his strong faith in G-d and his love for his family. he couldn't bare the thought of not seeing me, ariel, tal and binyamin again. i have heard these thoughts before, but this morning, it sounded especially eloquent. so we are spending lots of time together as a family, enjoying eachother, trying to work through both the physical and emotional pain of what noach has endured. and each day, we are thankful to be alive and to be together. 33 years ago, on labor day, noach became a bar-mitzvah, a man. in the past 3 and a half weeks, he has shown what kind of a man he truly is - a man of character, strength, faith, dignity, and a man over flowing with love for his family and for G-d.


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