Saturday, August 19, 2006

what happened to day 9?

i just wrote a long blog for today and when i went to publish it, it was gone. into the computer abyss. i can't rewrite the whole thing but i will try to jot a few lines before i go relax for a few minutes. talked about miracles mostly, how seeing noach each day is a miracle. take the time to notice the miracles around you - trees outside your window, a child's laugh... things can change in a minute. we decided not to get on the highway on the way home from the hospital but to stop and get gas at the last moment. ran out of gas while pulling into the gas station. 2 men helped us and then one, who acted like he was going to put gas in the car, took $40 from me and never returned. he could have taken my wallet, he could have hurt us, we could have been stuck on the side of the highway in an unsafe predicament. but he just took $40. somewhere, G-d is looking down and performing miracles each day. today when i walked into noach's room, he was sitting in a chair. first time out of bed in 9 days. he saw a picture of him walking with tal on her 2nd birthday and decided thats he needed a father to hold her hand and walk with her. and that got him up and out of bed. he got out of bed twice today. he is making so much progress each day. i try to remind him of that when he feels frustrated. tues. they will do the surgeryon his wrist/arm and possibly, G-d willing, they can move him to rehab a week or so after that. each new day is a miracle. find the miracles in your day - they are happening all the time if you look for them.


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