Saturday, August 19, 2006

9th day

not much new to report. spent the afternoon and evening with noach, ariel and noach's friend at the hospital. spent the morning with my kids. when i got to the hospital, noach was sitting in a chair, next to his bed. first time out of bed in nine days. he was looking at pictures i had put up. one was of tal and him, the day of her second birthday, walking diwn the street, holding hands, in manhattan. he got teary-eyed and thought he has to be able to walk again so she can hold his hand. that got him out of bed. he did it a second time today as well. i don;t think he realizes the progress he has made. i try to tell him. he is trying to cut down on the pain killers. i know he is in a lot of pain but he doesn't want to become addicted.

they are doing the surgery on his wrist/arm on tuesday. hopefully, G-d willing, a week or so after, he will be able to go to a rehab facility like burke in white plains (anyone have any good connections there we can use???). i am looking forward to having him closer, better, on the next path and especially, to taking tal and ben to visit. he misses them so much.

i left him tonight, all tucked in, ready for bed. he looked so sweet. i just wish he was home. but as you know, i feel lucky to be able to visit, talk to him, kiss him, etc.

not that i needed another lesson but i realized on the way home how fast you rlife can change. i got a ride with ariel and dana. instead of getting on the highway, we went to a gas station. we actually ran out of gas when we pulled into the station. two men pushed our car to the pump. one unscrewed the gas tank and asked me how much gas i wanted and if i wanted to pay cash. i handed him $40 and that was the last i saw of him. seems he hangs out there. it could have been worse. he could have taken the car, taken my wallet, hurt one of us... in the end, instead of being upset, i thought to myself that it is only $40. if we had gone on the highway as planned, we would have ran out of gas minutes later and been stuck on the side of the road, in very unsafe conditions. so G-d is looking out for me somewhere. G-d also helped the right people stop to take care of noach during his accident. minutes later, and he wouldn't have made it. i think we forget the miracles that happen around us. sometimes, we have to stop and "smell the roses," to look at the trees outside our window, to hear a child laugh, to wake up each morning and know that today is a new day, to be thankful for the family we were given and the friendships we have made. to understand that it wasn't noach's time. he has a lot of work left to do here, with his family and friends. seeing him each day, to me, is a miracle.


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