Sunday, August 20, 2006

10 days later...

today noach had some major progress. he called me in the morning to tell me he stood through the whole Shemoneh Esreh (a lengthy prayer comprised of 18 blessings). in addition, he called me from outside. for the first time since last fri. he went outside. his dad pushed him in a wheelchair. in the afternoon, his family and i took him out again. it was amazing to see him outside. noach was also moved from step-down ICU to a regular room. aside from his IV, he is no longer hooked up to heart monitors, oxygen monitors, etc. he is still in pain, which comes and goes, but he is trying to cut down on the morphine and percoset because he is afraid to get addicted. noach is still not ready for visitors, except family. he has been very reflective and introspective in the last few days. as he meets each new nurse, when they ask how he is, he responds "i'm lucky to be alive" and he really feels that way. i think he looks at life, his family and his world differently. how could he not? i am so proud of him. for trying to get out of bed, for praying each day, for making jokes, for telling me how much he loves me and the family an dhow much he appreciates him, for being honest about his feelings about the accident and for showing me his stregth so i can stay strong. tomorrow i hope to bring tal and binyamin to visit him for a while. he will be so happy to see them. it has been 10 days - days of trauma, uncertainty, fear, love, healing. with G-d's help, 10 days from now we will be in a whole new place.


Blogger gwadzilla said...

I think that the BLOG is a good outlet

I use it for cycling related stuff


when our dog roscoe died I tried using the blog as a release there as well

maybe you could break up the text with some images

even images not pertaining exactly to the message help to break things apart

will make it more interesting for you to read down the road

stay strong
as I said

it is okay to cry

10:22 AM  
Blogger gwadzilla said...


it is great that your husband has such an ability to look at things in a positive light


he is lucky to be alive
things could have been worse

10:38 AM  
Blogger akaloshenhora said...

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